TotTP Episode 024 – Triple Booking Pussy

TotTPEpisode 024 – Triple Booking Pussy




The boys reconvene. Alone this time, with no pussy to cloud their judgment. No real catastrophes to report except, you know, Mike’s near death experience at work where the pain from Tuko knocks him literally on his ass with his dick in hand.

What was his pain level? Well, we don’t quite know. What is a 10? Who decides 1-10? Well, it must be subjective. So, tell us, Mike: What was your most painful experience. “Well,” says Mike “Probably getting beat in the knee with my own workboot.” Hmmmm . . . Well, that’s . . . odd.

On a happier, yet more confusing note, our boys try to piece together the complicated world of modern dating. Did you know there are, according to, 9 different types of “pre-exclusive” relationships? Well, fuck, that makes classification a little harder. It also complicates the shit out of Daniel’s neuroticism with his new . . . date?

Oh yeah, did we mention, Daniel is “dating” someone? Yeah, something about “Lying Lauren” has Daniel all kinds of confused, but he’s powering through the best he can. This new development couldn’t have come at a worse time, ’cause Daniel has a “friend” flying in for the holidays, and he’s worried about how his holiday fuckfest will pan out with his head in the pussy clouds about his new love interest.

But, enough about that complicated, let’s simplify: Mike’s single life. Synopsis: It’s raining pussy in this bitch! The simple solution: Soak in the rain. Mike’s solution: Make a calendar and triple book chicks. Great thinkin’ boys, you’ve really done it now.

Finally, Daniel breaks down his intense resentment against comedians with their own TV shows. He’s done having exestential crisises over shows pretending to be funny.

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