TotTP Episode 023 – Accidental Blumpkins

TotTP Episode 023 – Accidental Blumpkins




With the massive success of the the last episode, the boys decide to bring in some more female perspective to spice up the show. This time, massage expert, Courtney is joining the studio. She instantly made herself at home by sitting in Mike’s spot, throwing off his podcasting game.

Daniel instantly poses his burning question to Courtney: Are happy endings a thing? They are not. But, it is not abnormal for men to have a boner during sensual rubdowns. It is, however, unusual for men to expect or even ask for a happy ending. This is news to Daniel.

Tuko the Tumor is not letting up, and investigative journalist Mike Morado goes on the field to discover the exact location and seriousness of his own lovely lump. All to no avail. The procedure is botched when the doctor tells him his dickhole is  . . . way too tight. Good for you, Mike.

When it comes to taking virginities, Courtney is your girl. Unfortuneately, she is also very unfortunate in the fact that she is always cursed by guys with – er – subpar members. But, where she lacks in dick picking, she makes up for in sexual adventure.

One such adventure involves giving a blumpkin to an ex-boyfriend, all without her knowledge. We can’t tell who’s the bigger savage, Courtney or the ballsy boyfriend.


Mike is single! That’s right ladies, eat your heart out, ’cause the magnificent Mike is back on the market and he’s filling up buckets now. His buckets are barren and he’s filling them with pussy that came into his life during a period when he couldn’t collect it.

Mike’s sweet boss read some of his show notes and may not have liked what she saw.

Daniel sits in silence as Mike and Courtney bond over horror films, Courtney’s tattoos and Mike’s Mexican novella.

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