TotTP Episode 022 – C U Next Tuesday

TotTP Episode 022 – C U Next Tuesday




After a false start, we do a retake . . . and here we are . . . Ready to Rock ‘N Roll.
Special guest, Lauren is on the show. She is Daniel’s hairdresser. She is, by far the dirtiest hairdresser in the land (Which is probably why Daniel seems to have a proclivity for this one). This Lauren has done lots of cool sexual things, including, but not limited to ripping foreskins with her asshole and her vagina! Impressive? We thought so, too.

Daniel uses this opportunity to exploit female knowledge of the PoPS. We learn how it differs, and how women get what they want whenever they want it by using fuck me eyes and other devilish techniques. This makes Daniel very bitter. Daniel uses a very on par analogy of starving through the winter to explain the double standard of women getting laid vs. men getting laid.

The boys learn about women and the woman learns about boys, but all-in-all we learn that both yearn for sex in the exact same way. Lauren tells about things that guys do that we may not realize; like cumming too quickly and having stinky undercarriages.

The interwebz has many pieces of useful – and not so useful- advice. Mike found the latter. An article about why women should not have anal sex. Mutual overall disagreement throughout the crew.

Finally, the discussion gets deep as Daniel starts to talk about how relationships can get out of control. There are rules that need to be followed; especially when fucking someone who’s married.

Overall, we cover a lot of great information from both sides.

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