TotTP Episode 021 – Show Prep or GTFO

TotTP Episode 021 – Show Prep or GTFO




Special Thanksgiving episode. Recap on the day’s events. Daniel started his day with badass music, while Mike helped his build his Youtube channel (Links to come). A lot of gratitude is spread about being able to spend the holiday with close friends.

The topic of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” spurs a conversation about how Mike met his ex-wife and how they got together. it is learned that Mike held off getting laid for 8 months while he “courted” her. Oh have things changed. All-in-all Mike got some kids out of the deal, so things ended well.

Abrupt change of pace as Mike faces a moral conundrum. He sees a “Person You may Know” on Facebook. A hot person, indeed. Mutual friends . . . All family. Come to find out, it’s his cousin. His transgendered cousin.

Daniel feels the rejection hard from the girl mentioned in “Netflix and Go Fuck Yourself”, and now another girl has rejected him. Her basis: The Vegas blowjob from “Mike Wears Himself” She couldn’t have a “romantic relationship” with somebody who could do that. So, needless to say, the show has cockblocked him.

In the world of Tinder, a girl begs for money, and when Daniel can’t cough up the right amount, the shallow bitch says “don’t bother”.

The problem with doing the show with no prep, is there’s no structure, and no real topics, so Daniel and Mike continue to stumble through pulling out such topics as future videos, collaboration with Karma, and even bashing their small fanbase.

Big shoutout to Dio92105 for following us on YouTube. Even though your channel is really weird.

Check out clips of the show here:

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