TotTP Episode 020 – Netflix and Go Fuck Yourself

TotTP Episode 020 – Netflix and Go Fuck Yourself




Due to the recent, overwhelming testosterone levels; we decided to throw some taco meat onto our sausage salad. We invite cam models Daisy and Karma onto the show. Daisy and Karma do a cam show, usually once a week on, where they do various things for their loyal fans including BDSM.

On chaturbate, models do various things based on “tipping activity” by the various viewers. The tasks they do depend upon the generosity of their tippers. This can range from specific, single tasks to a full on build-your-burger combo. Non-tippers are referred to as “greys” – Daniel is a Grey, and proud of it.

The girls explain how they send various things to men, including panties, used dildos, and even phone numbers to high rollers.

Out of their excursions, the girls have broken vibratrors, broken butt cucumbers, and vigorous “dildo pooping” in the arsenal of weird shenanigans that they’ve gotten themselves into.

The discussion is then turned to the actual lifestyle of BDSM. The emotional and physical aspects involved and the different roles that peo[ple play in the lifestyle.

The moral of the story is: Be who you are sexually, even if you’re a non-panty sniffing panty sniffer like Mike.

The girls can be found at their site

When we return from the break, we ask the questions “Why do white people get the privlege of dying sooner?” and how long will Mike live with his immortal family history? Will he live with dimentia for 25 years, eating refried beans mixed with Diet Coke? Only time will tell.

If Mike follows the white trend of retiring, he may give his body permission to die and break the brown people curse of long, treacherous life.

Meanwhile, in Daniel’s life . . . His PoP is severely falling apart. And, right when he thinks things are going his way, he gets blown . . . off. A girl he was moving in on, left him with his cock in his hand; or, at least a picture of his cock, rock hard on her phone in a sick game of “Netflix and Go Fuck Yourself

He did try to be a gentlemen, and he got completely blown off. It just goes to show that Netflix and chill may be the only way.

Check out clips of the show here:

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