TotTP Episode 019 – Big Piece of Dough With A Pussy

TotTP Episode 019 – Big Piece of Dough With A Pussy




The episode starts off with just Mike and Daniel; when midway through, Erik calls and gets his foot in the door on the show, halfway through.

Thoughts, prayers, and good vibes go out to the most “brutal” terrorist attack in a significant amount of time. Daniel has had enough of the social nonsense behind all of this bullshit.

Topics from a hat: Mike finds little pieces of paper with ideas for possible show topics. In these ideas, Ms. Miley Cyrus goes nude for a magazine, and Daniel approves of the slightly hairy bush and her cute little titties.

Also, a woman who gets turned on my Mike’s snot rockets.

Daniel wanted to address Mike’s terrible day that he had the previous week. The week he updated all of Facebook the saga of his truck and it’s stubbornness to the journey.

Weird sex stories.: Daniel has an awkward sex experience with a chick he’s pretty sure is autistic. It is one of the most awkward lays that he has.

Erik tops it off with a story about a girl who has a little bit too much love for good ol’ Dad.

Daniel accidently fed habeƱeros in the breakfast for some disabled clients in the group home he worked for; apparently winning him the award for “Hitler of the Year”.

Thanksgiving talk. Cheap Thanksgiving dinner, Daniel’s awkward Thanksgiving invitation.

In single life. Mike is getting in some trouble for having pussy on the mind a lot. Girls have been giving Mike a lot more attention since he’s “unattainable”

Also, Daniel is getting a little too aggressive in his PoPS, using absolutely no strategy to allocate women into the “1” position.

The girl formerly known as psycho bitch is back . . . being a total tease.

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