TotTP Episode 018 – John the Stutterer

TotTP Episode 018 – John the Stutterer




Why weren’t we here last week? Well, Mike had a partial midlife crisis. Shit is getting rough for him. Being 30 is not what it’s cracked up to be. After passing out by a dumpster, Mike regains consciousness and continues through life.

Discussions about sketchy horses and just shitty pets in general. Also, impressive camel toes.

Why can’t kids lose anymore? Sometimes losing is good for people, and society refusing to let kids lose is the downfall of society. We weigh in on that.

We go over fucked up videos from within Mike’s phone. Including John the Stutterer, an awkward bloke with a special speech pattern, lookin’ so British.

Finally, what is Mike going to do in the teenage years with his kids?

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