TotTP Episode 017 – Known Mammal Squisher

TotTP Episode 017 – Known Mammal Squisher




Though we’re late, we start without missing a beat. Erik “Shaft” Johnson joins us once more and we start out with . . . The “N” word. It has been decided that we are allowed to use it because of Mike’s brown complexion.

The bug problem at Mike’s house has gone away. And, speaking of bugs, in Mike’s phone, we have some interesting tabs open in Mike’s browser. Including, but not limited to: Crush fetish, or, the fetish with women stepping on animals.

This delves into a discussion on dark browsing of the internet, the days of Limewire and the horrors of dial-up.

Erik’s neighbor is givin’ him a fuckin’ rash. He’s kind of a prick. In fact, we all have pricks in or lives.

Mike tells stories of the shadiest street in our little town.

How old is too old when it comes too fuckin’ older ladies?

Mike picked the fight that he promised, and got naked, as promised. It went . . .well?

Mike’s parenting advice: What if his boy wanted to go to school dressed like a princess?

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