TotTP Episode 016 – Mouth Rape Yoga

TotTP Episode 016 – Mouth Rape Yoga




Bad Luck Erik “Shaft” Johnson (A.K.A. Lemony Snicket) returns to the show with some small pieces of his bad luck life. Of course, Mike is having some problems of his own; what with his soon-to-be ex-wife “selling” their about to be repossessed car to a shady “ethnic” man, the blood in his urine, and his new fix-me-up truck; he can hardly catch a break himself.

Daniel’s eye injury is getting out of control. It has been determined that either one of his lady friends let off some flatulence in his eye, or someone let off their baby goo. Either way, his eye is fucked up and he went to the emergency room. Whether or not it was, in fact, an emergency, is to be determined by Mike.

There are times when you have to try something . . . different, and Mike may have found something that tickled his fancy. Mouth Rape Yoga, or getting head while the giver sleeps.This, he did to his ex-wife, and Shaft can definitely relate.

In relationship news, Mike learns a new technique to deal with future fights with former host Heather “Nugget” LePage. The act of fighting naked. Makes sense, right.

Mike’s parenting tip of the week,: Let them cry. Don’t coddle them when they cry and don’t support the instant gratification generation’s way of running to a kid’s rescue as soon as a cry is let out of their cute little faces.

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