TotTP Episode 015 – Bums Pay My Salary

TotTP Episode 015 – Bums Pay My Salary




After a rip roarin’, and somewhat dangerous trip to TotT studio, Mike makes it in the newly christened “TotT Mobile” to begin various rants about things people say and the laziness of the local homeless folk.

Autumn is upon us, which can only mean one thing: Basic Bitch season. That’s right, break out the Uggs and Pumpkin Spice lattes, ’cause the basic bitches are rollin’ hard; much to the annoyance of their hipster counterparts. The verdict from the boys: Stay balanced and be yourself.

Of the things Mike has been perturbed about, “going to an all black school” is up on the list this week. What does it mean to be racist? Is not doing something not to offend someone’s race just as racist as doing something? There’s a question.

In single life news, Mike’s relationship is a lot less bumpy than it used to be, and arguments are becoming a lot more mild. Basically, relationship bliss compared to Daniel’s lonely single life. Daniel is struggling with a possible sex addiction that has him seeking out sex in low low places and questioning his own rational abilities to say no without masturbation as his cage.

The show is wrapped up with a rant about lazy bums mooching off the system . . . even though they pay Mike’s salary.


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