TotTP Episode 014 – Slave Lives Matter

TotTP Episode 014 – Slave Lives Matter




Special Guest Heather “Nugget” LePage rejoins us for Episode 014. Daniel managed to stay out of trouble on his trip to Vegas this weekend. No magic-handed Asian trouble for Daniel this time around. But his frustrations are not quelled while dealing with his big brothers temper tantrums. Fortunately, The Beatles “Love” show was mesmerizing and incited tears.

Mike gets a “new” truck. Well . . . New to him. It’s kind of beat up, but it’s his, and he loves it; brown, rust coloration and all. The list of problems are extensive, but bring on a sense of oiptimism for Mike. It is definitely the new TotT Mobile.

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Why do people feel the need to keep a balance sheet of favors? This is a topic that is spurred. It is determined that the willingness to do favors is different depending on the relationship and the depth. We are then baffled by people who walk around in sheer, blissful ignorance.

Heather is a part of a “great cause”. She is doing crossfit for the cause of human trafficking. What does human trafficking even look like? What would you walk for?

In “Mike’s Not-so-single Life“, Heather denies Mike like Peter denied Jesus. Super harsh. She gets super aggravated. Why? We’ll never know. But, situation’s are normal for them: Stable-ish. What will be the status next week?

To end the show, Mike imparts his fatherly wisdom on the listeners, and drops some pretty hefty nuggets of advice on how to raised, some pretty badass children.


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