TotTP Episode 013 – Doin’ the Bambi

TotTP Episode 013 – Doin’ the Bambi




After a postponed episode, Mike divulges the real reason he couldn’t make it to record last night. The truth, he just wasn’t feelin’ it. He was having “Fuck it” moments at work that lead to a downward spiral in his entire psyche. He was having the kind of day that just kind of makes you want to rip out your own colon! Good thing he had his crew to cheer him up, though. They managed to make some content.

Make sure to check out the YouTube video as to what they did instead of the show last night.

Next on the agenda, the man who disemboweled his own girlfriend for saying her husband’s name during sex. What would you do?

Then, on Toe on the Trigger Nightly News, Selfie Madness: People all over the world are dying of dangerous selfies. Including, shooting themselves to show off, being gored by wild animals, and falling off of national monuments. Just goes to show what exactly the world is coming to.Russia



Next, a Shout out to Lance for throwing in his article about “Pig Play” – The sexual act of exchanging bodily fluids. Followed by Mike’s great porn collection and fantasies – a segment that may have scarred, yet taught Victoria a lot more than she could handle.

In Single Life News: Daniel is alone in the single world as Mike tries once again to live life as an honest man. This is depressing to Daniel who is starting to feel like there may be more in this world than his lonesome little bubble.

Also, we are going to be a part of the Wicked Radio Network . . . Whatever that means, so stay tuned for that.

Check out clips of the show here:

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