TotTP Episode 012 – The Girl Formerly Known as Psycho Bitch

September 19, 2015

TotTP Episode 012 – The Girl Formerly Known as Psycho Bitch




After a brief discussion about black girl fantasies, the crew starts talkin’ business. They went to go see “Black Mass”  during the week. Mike uses his film buff eye to dissect the movie, while Daniel just sat, simply absorbing media like a 21st Century Sponge. A fairly long review with a grip of spoilers.

Over the week, Mike lost one of his offspring to the school district transportation department. This, of course isn’t the first time he’s lost a kid. There are some fairly good parenting tips embedded here.

At Daniel’s job (Not in customer service), Daniel gets his rocks off by fuckin’ with his boss.  This includes a big box of peanuts and four diet root beers.

Then . . . The single life. It seems that the single life has switched over to Daniel. He’s had quite a week, involving the “girl formerly known as Psycho Bitch”, and a very questionable set of genitals.

Check out clips of the show here:

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