TotTP Episode 011 – Los Nazis

TotTP Episode 011 – Los Nazis




The trip to Venice went off without a hitch; and aside from Daniel’s massive sunburn, they had a pretty good time. The sun was high, and so were the people, as Daniel, Mike, and former host Nugget made the trek to Venice, California in the pursuit for a fun Labor Day.




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Mike again finds himself battling society when a post-9/11 facebook conversation goes awry. Though he lies to a stranger, making her question her own morals, Mike still comes out victorious – in his own mind.

In other news, Mike shot off a firearm, while screaming like a banshee in the middle of the road to scare off loveable troublemaker “Hank.” It’s amazing what people will do when in the company of their friends.

Daniel learned a bit about himself while getting a haircut this week. Aside from not liking the way he looks, he also learned that he has a thing for chicks in semi-professional, mostly permanent service industries. He’s been utilizing the POP Strategy all over the damn place. At the hair salon, at the dentist office, and at restaurants, wooing moonwalking dental assistants and young hairdressers from all over the fair city.

The dry spells are being broken as Daniel shares about his late night trip out of town to get laid, where his underused prostate gets the sting it deserves. Meanwhile, in Mike’s Single Life, monogomy is the watchword, and Mike is laying all the smooth moves and smooth words on the ears of his suitor.

A new bit is introduced – “Name Daniel’s Sex Persona” after a brief discussion about how Daniel talks like a black man during sex.


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