TotTP Episode 010 – We Don’t Want Justice, We Want Answers

TotTP Episode 010 – We Don’t Want Justice, We Want Answers




Mike brings in his special guest Sethrick . . . or is it Victor? We don’t fuckin’ know anymore. He’s a local boy who just moved into a city where the people smell like shit and the law enforcement are nowhere to be seen.

Mike went to Hollywood this past week and visited the Museum of Death, where he learned a lot about serial killers. Did you know the Black Dahlia’s asshole was agape when they found her? Interesting stuff, indeed. The Holy Spirit comes over him as he screams at Asian Catholics in tongues.

On a busy Saturday doing “Customer Service” Mike manages to offend, yet school, another member of the – er . . . mentally handicapped community.

“Special people” just want to be treated with respect.

So, apparently there is a market for women who want eggs injected inside of them, and there is a solution to the absence of products in this market. We explore the “Splorch“, a sex toy known as an ovipositor that injects eggs into any orifice. The eggs can be gelatin

or even alcohol-filled jell-o shots. Bill Cosby approves.

My unborn Children are delicious!

The continuing saga of Mike’s single life: Mike had sex, but it was different than usual. He wants to see a therapist to help him with relationships. It has become known that sex causes problems and cheating is bad.

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