TotTP Episode 009 – [Insert Mike Reference Here]

August 30, 2015

TotTP Episode 009 – [Insert Mike Reference Here]




Mike goes to the land of free weed and weird Mountain people: Colorado. Before he even makes it out of the airport, he manages to scare people with a drop of the “b-bomb”, worry an Indian security and stalk a brother of brown skin persuasion. Once out of the airport, he waits -as a pedestrian – in a line specifically for cars. Once that was out of the way, he managed to enjoy the rest of his time in Colorado eating shitty Mexican food, painting shady sex shop toilet bowls a nice shade of brown, and looking for mysterious mountain dwellers. Video footage to come soon.

While Mike was out, eating at Mexican Chuck E. Cheese’s and looking for dangerous bears, Daniel was back at home, getting strange compliments and weird vibes from a Jersey Shore cast member at a car dealership. #GymTanLaundry On the bright side, he came up on a nice ride.

Speaking of a nice ride, Victoria Greyshaw, TotT’s new “intern” is sure in for a nice ride. She’s the new Assistant Producer interning from the local college to get some “experience” working in “media technology”. Too bad she has no idea what she got herself into. Though she has proven that she may want to be a real TotTler, she has a long, long journey ahead of her. Welcome to the crew Victoria.

Then, we return to the “Pails of Pussy” (PoP) Strategy as Daniel moves a girl aggressively from deep wiithin Pop #3c to the forefront of PoP #1a. One of his current – er projects – was leaving, and Daniel predicted the market to be quite volatile. His strategy: Woo her with Starbucks and a cute little card. Did it work? Only time will tell. Meanwhile in Mike’s world, The previous episode of TotT has brought girls asking him ” What Pail am I in?” What a question to answer for a man who is devoting his new life journey to emptying all his Pails and working on himself. That’s right ladies, Mike is off the market and Daniel is very surprised at how he is handling his newfound singlehood. He is very very horny though. Our boys may be growing up as they talk a little bit about their experiences with learning who they truly are.

Check out clips of the episode here:

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