TotTP Episode 008 – Sex Nuts and Retard Strong

August 22, 2015

TotTP Episode 008 – Sex Nuts and Retard Strong




Tonight we introduce our friend Erik “Shaft” Johnson. First ever guys only episode. Mike brought in some more soda to test out and discovers that Cheerwine is just a ruse to get you to drink plain ol’ Cherry soda . . . A ruse only if you don’t read the label. Labels are important as Mike recounts his experience using massage oil with the tender regions on the body. There is some recap on Mike’s single life. The newest girl in his world is a little nuts, talkin’ “popcorn and glue” and all kinds of crazy medicated shit. We then delve into our past, toxic relationships, including Erik’s ex-girlfriend and Mike’s ex-wife who has caused him to revisit his kidney tumor and Hector the hemorroid. Followed by the mention of this bad boy.
Next, Daniel breaks down the age old secret of the “Pussy Bucket Strategy” where the women in your life are allocated into short, medium and long-term buckets to keep the flow of pussy ever-present.

Then we talk briefly on guys doing dick measuring when trying to win the same women. We discuss the biggest dicks in Hollywood, and wrap it up with a man with Sex Nuts and Retard Strong.

Listen to clips of the show here:

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