TotTP Episode 007 – Exes Are Forever

TotTP Episode 007 – Exes are Forever





After a lonesome start, Mike joins in the show with his “special” guest, Heather “Nugget” LePage. After inquiry about their current status, Mike explains that Nugget and him are being “friendly” and that after a deep discussion they decided to get each other’s names tattooed on themselves. Thank God for 24 hour tattoo parlors.


Daniel has his own awkward, Mikeesque moment. He puts his foot in his mouth thinking that former guest host Samii had the hots for him, only to find that he was sadly mistaken.

In the news: Kids paint colostomy bags to remove the stigma that comes with them.. Man racks up crazy online sex bill on the company credit. Freedom of speech wins again after a kid tweets two words. Christian dies emulating Jesus. Nugget takes a trip to get a pedicure and spews her racism all over us. China explosion. Daniel vents his frustration toward his coworker.

Mike’s single life saga continues. He’s getting dishes done, cooking and all kinds of adult shit. He’s using all the help he can get, including links he finds on Reddit about throw-together meals.

Here clips of the show here:


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