TotTP Episode 006 – 13 is the New 30

TotTP Episode 006 – 13 is the New 30





Miss Samii Blair is back on and we plugged her Youtube Channel . . . Kind of. There are some changes with the loss of our co-host. We thank Nugget for her contribution as she goes her seperate way.  Mike and Daniel reflect about their lives as single men. It’s hitting Mike a bit harder in this newest chapter in life. We discuss his life in the last 13 years with his wife and “overlapping” grey area. What his life will be like now as a single father.

What do they want going forward? The dating world is wider with the wonderful dating site technologies. Listen in for tricks of the trade.

Mike offended someone else this week. No more disabled people, just pregnant women. What else has Mike gotten into? He tells a tale of a simpler time, when mentally unstable, young girls ran into his arms and “liked” his every move.

Finally, we give some handjob advice to TotTler Jessica.

Shoutout to 3some Podcast and Say What Podcast. Be sure to check them out for the other days we aren’t releasing a show.

Listen to clips of the show:


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