TotTP Episode 004 – Labia Confetti

July 26, 2015

TotTP Episode 004 – Labia Confetti




On this impromptu episode of TotT, Daniel asks the crew “Should I tell my mom about the podcast?“. Mike poses the question “Are you still humping the American Dream?” which sparks a discussion on what exactly the American Dream means to us, and what we think it’s turned into. At Mike’s Customer Serv- oh wait, he’s a “material processor at a California Certified buyback center for polyethylene terphphalate, alloy 3104-H19, and SiO2 (a.k.a Amorphous non-crystalline solids) – job; he encounters another awkward situation where he offends yet another special needs advocate. Mike also tells us of the valuable life lessons he’s learned while working there.

Nugget has yet another story where she walks into a bathroom incredibly unprepared and finds herself wetter than when she walked in . . . and not in a good way. It is disagreed upon whether or not wipes are a viable alternative to actual toilet paper; especially when the latter tends to leave labia confetti.

Finally the show ends with Daniel whining about his lucky lady problems, where he is reminded that he is, indeed, getting laid afterall.

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