TotT Episode 001 – Bald Centaur Amputees

TotTP Episode 001 – Bald Centaur Amputees





The first episode hurtle has been made, and we’re just now recovering from what Mike unleashed upon us. So, now we continue on to episode – er – 2? Or is it 1? Naming conventions in podcasts are kind of weird. Anyway, this is our second go at it.

In this episode, we delve briefly into a topic we have no business even talking about – The whole NAACP whatever it was; which teaches us to stay far away from current events . . . at least if we’re unprepared. If you make it past that point, Mike goes in depth about his trip to the massage parlor; a trip he had mentioned going on in the first episode. The show is then finished off with some banter about asses and titties; Daniel reveals something he probably shouldn’t about a fellow coworker, and Mike drops a piece of information about . . .


Whatever the fuck this thing is.


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