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There are many different resources that keep the show going.


We get a lot of support from various different shows. Some of our really good friends are:



bcbcThe Bad Cop Bad Cop Show is your one stop destination for mockery, laughs, and more mockery. Every week, Jerry and Dave bring you their take on the world, which can range from very normal to just plain bizarre. Whether they’re discussing their personal lives, or major news stories of the day, it’s guaranteed to be a fresh view, such as you’ve never encountered. They aren’t afraid to push buttons or the limits of “polite society


fyfcFrom the FYFC Podcasting Studio in the GCA (Greater Calgary Area). The FYFC Crew Sits Down to Discuss What’s On Their Minds. FYFC Podcasts is a multifaceted media network, providing 3 comedy shows a week. The shows are available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, GooglePlay as well as video versions and skits on YouTube.


afterburnCan’t make it to Scrish Bar? Hang out with our crowd! Kitty and Leo; Midge and Cobra; and Jackie and Fez! We talk about music, sports, the internet, pop culture, and anything else we come up with! They discuss many topics and give their funny opinions on them!


three-is-comedyThree is Comedy is variety comedy show featuring a wide range of segment topics aimed at turning everyday life into laughter. Three is comedy is hosted by Jason, his wife Mindy, and their friend Bob.


mikejolitzThe Mike Jolitz show is a weekly comedy podcast based out of Arizona. It is hosted by none other than the zany Mr. Mike Jolitz. The sow contains: Headlinje news, funny commercials, and parody songs. Mike is a big supporter of many independent podcasts.


passersbypodThe podcast where host Matthew McDonough collects stories from Passers-by on the street, in life, and over the web! He believes that everyone has a story to tell, and he’s there so that they can tell it.








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There are a lot of resources that go into keeping TotT going. Putting time cost aside, we have servers that need to be maintained, and projects we wish to pursue to bring you great content. These resources cost money, and we don’t want that to stand in the way of our usefulness to you.



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