My Forecast of What’s to Come For TotT

      Last night, we wrapped up the fifth episode of TotT. At 12:00 am last night, as I was finishing up some post-production, I thought a little bit about what I can do to make this the best for myself, the crew and the listeners. The number of listeners is growing steadily, and I’m hoping it continues that way. Our clips on Soundcloud our definitely boosting listenership, and we’re getting some feedback from the community there. But what got me thinking is: What do I really crave from this whole experience? The answer of course is audience participation and interaction.

     What does that mean? It means, that it’s time to expand the quality and quantity of our content and continue having an open dialogue with our listeners. The process has already begun for the former. The production crew is already working hard to put together backlogged videos of all of our episodes. We also have some behind-the scenes footage and some extras that we have shot while out-and-about that we will be posting to our YouTube page.
      We’re also in the pre-production stages of a pretty funny promotional video that we’re hoping will launch in the next few weeks. We also have some talks of starting up a live platform for people who want to tune in live and join the conversation in realtime. Again, please stick around for these features.
     I’m also in the process of fine-tuning the website to be a bit more user-friendly for our mobile users, as well as putting more content up. The other question that is floating around is whether or not we should have a mailing list to keep our subscribers up-to-date about the latest that TotT is working on. Is this something that you’d be interested in?
     Another idea that is up for serious consideration is whether we should release weekly episodes. We understand that two weeks may be too long of a time for our loyal listeners to wait in between episodes. I’ve gotten a few bits of feedback from people stating that they can’t wait two weeks to hear what’s next, and I say “Why should they have to?”
     So, I guess the question I pose to you guys is ” Are these the things that you want to see?” If not, why?  Is there anything you’d like more of? All of these questions are what I do TotT for. I am here for you, the listener.
     A very important rule for all media is: Always have a call to action. Since I’m not too into formalities, I will ask in a most informal way.  For all those who have subscribed and who listening regularly, I am grateful. If you like what you hear on TotT, please, tell your friends to check us out, share a post or two. Let’s grow this community together.
     There are many ways you can start this community.Besides of course liking and subscribing,, I would love to see feedback from everybody. Rate us on your favorite podcast directory. Tell us what you think about what we’re doing. Leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or even the little-known world of Google Plus. We also have a comment section at the bottom of our webpage where you can drop us some love. Also, don’t hesitate to leave us a voicemail at (863) 546-8688. It is setup for you to leave us feedback. Don’t hesitate to use it.
As for me, I have my own calls to action. My own vows, if you would. I hope to bring you guys, honest and sincere content. I also hope to get to know all of you, present and future and to build connections. Until the next post, go out there and live your life.
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