About Toe On The Trigger

Toe on the Trigger (TotT) started as a collaboration of three friends who wanted to find the humor in some of the more tragic points in this world. A perfect cocktail: One part morbid, one part cynical, but fully-flavored with good-intentioned laughter. TotT is an attempt to question societal norms and to make those who feel ostracized by their “deviant” beliefs feel warm and safe in this fucked up world. They gathered personal experience from odd circumstances they find themselves in, as well as events that have happened throughout the world. No matter what the event, there is comedic value in it.

toeonkc76aa00-2The group started with three long time friends whose four year friendship spanned many strange situations; both up and down. Through many unforeseen circumstances, the group dwindled to one lonesome TotTler. One man who tries week after week to continue humping the American dream.

Daniel Repholz

Daniel MicWhat can one say about Daniel Repholz? Well, once upon a time he lived behind a veil that the world was a happy, loving, warm place where butterflies and rainbows were ever-present. Then he woke up. One day he was a kid, in Elementary school; and he learned the stark truth that not only had he been force-fed lies on television, but he didn’t have the tools to live in the sunlight of the truth.

Fast forward to today. Now Daniel is pulling down the usual 9 to 5, a little too content; but his project “The Toe on the Trigger” is what keeps him going on those days when the people around him make him too sick to even want to go outside. TotT is his balance in an unbalanced world.

Daniel isn’t one to be politically correct or sugar coat what he feels; especially when it comes to “societal norms”. He finds himself saying, “Now, why the fuck do I do that?” Only to answer with, “Oh yeah, because I have to.” This is followed always by an attempt to question it, often to the discomfort of his peers. Hopefully you can answer the questions that he obsesses over daily.

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